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      "Master Bergan," she asked, "have you any orders to give?"

      "Upon what?" asked Bergan, with a keen glance;"Doctor Remy's succession?""In some measure, I think it is. Miss Thane, did you ever experience quite that deep delight in the presence of a friend, which you sometimes (please remember, I say only, sometimes) derive from the thought of him or her in absence?"

      "The analogy, if there be any, goes deeper than that," rejoined Astra, bitterly. "A rose is born out of darkness and dampness and decay, and this is the offspring of pain and discouragement, and all that makes the hand weak and the heart sick."

      "None as yet. Perhaps I may get one as your story progresses."

      "We will see about that!" muttered the doctor."No, it has not," replied Doctor Remy, curtly. "See here, Dick," he added, after a pause, quitting his threatening tone for one of persuasion; "I'll make it well worth your while to tell me all you know about that will. Open the doorI'm tired of standingand we'll go in and talk it over."

      Dick looked astonished, but muttered, resignedly,"God sends no more than can be borne." Then he bowed low to Bergan. "Dopo un papa, se ne fa un altro," said he,"The King is dead, long live the King; I congratulate you."


      "Why should I mind?" asked Bergan, smiling. "She used to call me her son sometimes; though you do take such pains to give me to understand that you utterly repudiate me as a brother."


      "And Mr. Arling," answered Doctor Gerrish.


      "In some measure, I trust I do."